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Creamerica: The short movie - teaser trailer

Once in every generation an idea will rise that will never let us go back to the way things were and demand your attention. This is NOT that movie! But if you watch it you may never forgive yourself and might demand your money back. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the First Teaser for Kaivalya Plays' maiden film "CREAMERICA!" (not The Musical) Directed By: Subhashani&Vinimay Associate Director: Varoon P. Anand Cinematography, Editing, VFX and Sound Design: Vinimay Kaul Produced by Kaivalya Plays, Subhashani&VinimayDirected By: Subhashani&Vinimay Cast: Subhashani Dewada, Varoon P. Anand, Chris Sims, Himanshu Mehta, Govind Bajpai, Shruti Arora, Abhimanyu Sharma & Akash Maithal Links: Kaivalya Plays on Facebook  

India Today: The Speed Demons are Back

This article was published in the magazine India Today in October 2012 Edition. OCT 15 - It has been a long Indian summer and as Delhi sniffs out winter and heads for the great outdoors, the stage is set for the return of one of the city’s biggest sporting events. The 2012 Airtel Indian Grand Prix this year is 17th on the Formula One season’s list of 20 races... Link:   Posted with Blogsy