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F1 Qualification: Vettel Claims Pole

This post appeared on the India Today's online portal on 29 October 2011 Qualifying day at the Buddh International Circuit was filled the best performances of the world's racing giants. Ecclestone's requirements that all teams and drivers compete in every race of the season ensured that there were no disappointments or no-shows for the expectant Indian audience. ... Online article is available here . 

Round up: Day 1 at Couture Week!

Online post on India Today's web portal on 24 July 2011. The fashionistas are back on the scorching ramp as Delhi hosts the second edition of Couture week, presented by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). All eyes were trained on the ramp for the curtainraiser, designer Varun Bahl's Haute Couture 2011.  ..  Online article can be seen here .

Unbridled Passion

This article appeared in India Today Spice magazine on 26 June, 2011 On June 21, 1576, the legendary Maharana Pratap of Mewar took up arms to protect his people from the Mughals. Vastly outnumbered and gravely wounded, he fell unconscious on the battlefield. General Chetak took it upon himself to rescue his King and valiantly fought his way to the safety of a stream. There, Chetak succumbed to his own wounds in the arms of his King. At the site, the Mahrana later erected a memorial dedicated to the courage of his general, companion, and royal steed ... Complete article can be seen at the following locations: Link to India today site PDF document